Some of the nice testimonials clients have put together for/about us:

“Working with Juan is always a refreshing and exciting experience due to his unrivalled quality, professionalism and ability to deliver no matter how hard the task at hand. It’s always comforting to know when he is on a production as I can guarantee the production value will be amazing and his friendly personality always makes people feel at ease and uplifted. Juan is simply an asset to any production whether it be narrative film, corporate or advertisement, his skills never seize to amaze me. I think the overall quality that everyone always agrees on with Juan is that he is always 100% committed, he makes any job become personal and takes great pride in doing things to help the overall vision and he will stick it out until he gets the job done” – Daniel Alexander (Owner/Director, DA Films, Birmingham)

“Juan is a pleasure to work with! He is professional, experienced and always flexible, with an excellent range of kit and services to suit any production. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others and will continue to work with him in the future”Samantha Nash (Founder, THEMM Manchester)

“I worked with Juan on a film for the National Lottery and the Arts Council.  It was a testing shoot, involving cramped and difficult-to-work locations as well as long hours. He was upbeat and positive during the whole shoot, which I’ve never noticed with any other sound person I’ve worked with. The production sound and sound design for the film was exceptional, and I happily recommend Juan on any job where you need a consummate industry professional, and will continue to do so”John Heaney (Owner, HH Films/CameraKitHire, Manchester)

“I had the privilege of working with Juan on one of my first projects and just watching him work and the pride he takes in his craft is amazing. If he spots anything that doesn’t sound right, he will correct it off his own back. He is what any filmmaker needs on his team and working with him was such a pleasure I had him back on my next project where he lived up to the high standard he sets for himself in every project he works on” –  Michael R. Esteves (Owner, WriteDream Productions, London) 

“I worked with Juan on a commission from the Media Trust. We met before the shoot to discuss what we needed. He was great to work with and delivered everything we needed for the edit. I honestly look forward to shooting with Juan again soon”Richard Shaw (Director, Unity House Films Ltd, Manchester)

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