WORK (Some bits we are allowed to embed on the site)

“Here there are some examples of our work. We’ve  picked up a wide range of products in order to show different kinds of work we’ve carried out although there is obviously much more, including audio-only jobs. Please don’t hesitate to ask for more we’ll happily provide you with more link. Also if you want to have a look at previous reels scroll down the bottom of the page. We very much hope you enjoy this section.”

Full-length pieces – Black Friday (Sound Design and Audio Dub – Edit 19)

Class of ’92 vs Builders – Hotel Football (Production Sound – CHIEF Productions)

Reon Caffeine Strips (Sound Design and Audio Dub – Brickhouse Productions)

EF Paris (Bespoke Music and Sound Design – EF International)

Inside Jennifer Metcalfe’s Wardrobe – Crazy Sexy Cool (Production Sound – Little Dot Studios)

El ultimo beso (Sound Design and Audio Dub – directed by R. Serrano)

Aldi’s Taste Kitchen – Ian Haste fish recipes (Production Sound – PYX/McCann Manchester)

Leatherbird (Production Sound and Sound Design – Manchester Independent Collective)

Proud to be blue series (Sound Design and Audio Dub – Brickhouse Productions)

Missguided – Tails of a disco pony (Dub – Edit 19)

Entropy Installation (Sound Design – C. Bernal)

Seat Ibiza Spring 2009 (Bespoke Music and Sound Design – Seat Spain)

Family Ties UK (Production Sound and Sound Design – Flush UK Media)

Aldi’s Taste Kitchen – Street Parties (Production Sound – PYX/McCann Manchester)

Indemove (Production Sound – directed by S. Joseph)

Rock (Production Sound – directed by M. Campbell)

Auto Trader Offices Tour (Production Sound – Blueprint Partners)

Payment (Sound Supervisor – Write Dream Productions)


Polycom – SRG Apparel UK (Production Sound – HH Films)

Rolls Royce Ghost (Bespoke Music and Sound Design – Saltamontes)

Sunset Sleeps Trailer (Bespoke Music and Sound Design – directed by A. Browning)

Openbank, Banco Santander (Sound Design – Imago)


Flowers Visual Art (Bespoke Music and Sound Design – C. Bernal aka Atipyka)


Mockba Commercial (Bespoke Music – Hoodyakov)


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