Welcome to the “selected credits” section of our page. There is something we want to make clear as we often see people requesting showreels and video examples to production sound recordists or mixers. This may be a sign of lack of awareness by the person indeed requesting it.


Showreels are for professionals who work with already recorded sound as a way to demonstrate their skills in treating/manipulating the audio. Location audio recordists do record live sound as it happens, whether it be dialogue, sync FXs, ambiences or a live performance and will never be able to provide a showreel due to their job ending when handing out the raw recordings or “rushes” (as they’re called in the AV world); hence this little note. A “credit list” is the curriculum vitae of sound recordists and production sound people. It’s a breakdown of the productions they’ve worked in or projects they have been involved within their careers.


We have here decided to present a selection of our most recent credits on particular production types. In our case: TV Entertainment, Documentaries, Commercials and Branded Content or Corporate. We have been credited and worked for other types of productions such as TV drama, feature films and video games to name a few but to keep the section to the main body of our scope of work, here presented are the four main sections (However, if you need a complete credit list of all our work, feel free to drop us a line to request it)

TV Entertainment

[wr_vc_features data_items_desktop=”1″ data_items_desktop_small=”1″ data_items_tablet=”1″ data_items_tablet_small=”1″][wr_vc_feature title=”Fifth Gear – S28″ iconclass=”(“]North One TV – Dir: I. Bayliss[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Britain’s Got Talent – Daliso Chaponda VT” iconclass=”(“]Thames – Dir: S. Nutt[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Fifth Gear – S27” iconclass=”(“]North One TV – Dir: I. Bayliss[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”The Hangover Games (Dailies)” iconclass=”(“]Little Gem/E4 – Dir: L. McCrea[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”The One Show – Various Items” iconclass=”(“]BBC Studios – Dir: Various Directors[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Michael McIntyre’s Big Show – Gary Barlow Karaoke” iconclass=”(“]Hungry McBear – Dir: S. Pack[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Grand Designs (Dailies)” iconclass=”(“]Boundless – Dir: M. Beers[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Operation Ouch – Hospital Heroes” iconclass=”(“]CBBC – Little Dot – Dir: C. Welsh [/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Driving Test: Pass or Fail?” iconclass=”(“]Curve Media – Dir: R. Carr [/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”The Voice Kids” iconclass=”(“]ITV Studios – Dir: L. Smith [/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”The Real Housewives of Cheshire S4, S5, S6 (Dailies)”]ITV – Monkey Kingdom – D. McGowan[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Naked Attraction S2 (Dailies)”]Channel 4 – Studio Lambert – Dir: J. Cahn[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Songs of Praise – Port Sunlight”]Avanti/Nine Lives – Dir: E. Afan[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Songs of Praise – North Wales”]Avanti/Nine Lives – Dir: C. Stone[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Whoops I missed the bus – Summer Social”]CBBC – Dir: R. Fiddes[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Les Dennis – RTS North West Awards Gala VT” iconclass=”(“]BBC – Dir: J. Wilson[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”My First… (Ep 13 and Ep 16)” iconclass=”(“]BBC/MCC Media – Dir: P. McCoy[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”C4 Shorts – Jennifer Metcalfe” iconclass=”(“]Little Dot – Dir: J. Smith[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Show me show me (Dailies)” iconclass=”(“]BBC – Dir: R. Birchley[/wr_vc_feature][/wr_vc_features]


[wr_vc_features data_items_desktop=”1″ data_items_desktop_small=”1″ data_items_tablet=”1″ data_items_tablet_small=”1″][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Genius of the Modern World: Karl Marx”]BBC – Dir: R. Cowling[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Janine Beckie – Manchester City Women”]TSN Canada – Dir: T. Britnell[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”REF: Stories from the weekend” iconclass=”(“]BT Sports Films/Dunlop Goodrich – Dir: D. Goodrich[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”PSP Alecensa – Younity” iconclass=”(“]Havas Lynx – Dir: J. Burrell[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”The future of sports (Dailies)” iconclass=”(“]ESPN/Jigsaw – Dir: E. Vasarhelyi[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Jamie Vardy – V9 Academy” iconclass=”(“]ZigZag – Dir: M. Harvey[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Breaking the Silence: Britain’s Adoption Scandal (Dailies)”]Ronachan Films – Dir: A. Pearman[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Matthews (Dailies)” iconclass=”(“]Seven Media Productions – Dir: R. S. Warren[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Younity PSP – Alacensa”]Havas Lynx – Dir: J. Burrell[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Jonny Brownlee – Commonwealth 2018 Profile”]ADI TV/CH 7 AUS – Dir: E. Craven[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Soñeus: Between the Capitol and the 23 (ASECAN Nomination)”]We Are Colours – Dir: R. Serrano[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”The British Shock”]PACT Productions – Dir: M. García-Calvo[/wr_vc_feature][/wr_vc_features]


[wr_vc_features data_items_desktop=”1″ data_items_desktop_small=”1″ data_items_tablet=”1″ data_items_tablet_small=”1″][wr_vc_feature title=”Liverpool FC/Standard Chartered – The numbers” iconclass=”(“]MilkMoney TV – Dir: R. Mullane[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”ALDI – Team GB – Río Carnival”]McCann – Dir: S. Moyler[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Ibis Hotels – Ibis Music – Tom Grennan”]Milkmoney TV – Dir: A. Cribbs[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Etisalat eLife – Catch Up”]The MOB – Dir: R. García[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Google – Manchester Garage”]Across The Pond – Dir: R. Main[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Hotel Football – Class of ’92″ iconclass=”(“]Chief Productions – Dir: N. Camponi[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Smirnoff – Village Angels Manchester” iconclass=”(“]LAD Bible – Dir: A. Job[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Liverpool FC/Standard Chartered – Stand Red” iconclass=”(“]MilkMoney TV – Dir: C. James[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Paddy Power – Loyalty is dead (Promos)” iconclass=”(“]Making Pictures – Dir: D. Burn-Forti[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”TESCO – Little Helps – TSDG” iconclass=”(“]Peanut&Crumb – Dir: J. Gerber[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Liverpool FC/Standard Chartered – International Women’s Day” iconclass=”(“]MilkMoney TV – Dir: L Borgio[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Vodafone – Stand 4 Socks” iconclass=”(“]The Telegraph – Dir: T. Walsh[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Shauna Miller – Man City Trophy Carrier” iconclass=”(“]The WolfPack Collective – Dir: M. Smith[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Top Eleven” iconclass=”(“]Nordeus/ADI TV – Dir: J. Lynch[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Philips – Ben Atkins” iconclass=”(“]Silver Bullet – Dir: C. James[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Everton – Proud to be blue” iconclass=”(“]Brickhouse Ltd – Dir: G. Evans[/wr_vc_feature][/wr_vc_features]


[wr_vc_features data_items_desktop=”1″ data_items_desktop_small=”1″ data_items_tablet=”1″ data_items_tablet_small=”1″][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Google Adwords – iProspect”]Across The Pond – Dir: M. Gokmen[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Pfizer – EADV Paris Stand”]Havas Lynx – Dir: B. Mann[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Autotrader – 1st Street”]Blueprint – Dir: E. Herridge[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”NHS – Leadership Academy”]e-Aspire – Dir: M. Mulvihill[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”John Lewis – Love to Sell”]MCM Creative – Dir: A. Hedgecock[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Tarmac – Circle of Trust”]McCann – Dir: A. Riotzzi[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”Virgin Media – Transformation”]Taylor Made Media – Dir: A. Brooks[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Vodafone – Business Premier” iconclass=”(“]ID2 Media – Dir: N. Ruberry[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”National Grid – Deeside Project” iconclass=”(“]Pretzel – Dir: M. J. Ferns[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Tarmac – Circle of Trust” iconclass=”(“]McCann Manchester – Dir: A. Riotzzi[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature iconclass=”(” title=”LX Academy Awards”]Havas Lynx – Dir: C. Davies[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Sequirus – £40m boost to Influenza vaccination” iconclass=”(“]Activideo – Dir: B. Barnes[/wr_vc_feature][wr_vc_feature title=”Virgin Media Business – Voom” iconclass=”(“]Karma/Taylor Made – Dir: W. Clough[/wr_vc_feature][/wr_vc_features]